The Loading Chute

The Loading Chute located in Creston California is not only a wonderful restaurant but also a beautiful location to have your wedding at. The Loading Chute is a little bit of a drive, it is 20 miles outside of Paso Robles but it is a very nice low key venue. Upon first arriving you wouldn’t think much of this location but once you see a wedding set up here it completely transforms into a cozy ranch style wedding venue. The pictures of the venue are provided curtsy of Chelsea Marie Photography and more can be seen at their site. Check out more pictures of a wedding that took place at the Loading Chute: The Danley’s Wedding

As you can see this location is not huge but it can accommodate a fair number of guess somewhere around 150 to 250. There are several configurations you could set this location up in, however, unlike some venues there is only one spot you can set the ceremony up in and one sport to set the reception up in. The bonus and a drawback of this location is that there are a lot of trees in the ceremony area. This is great for a hot summer wedding but you will also have to organize your chairs around the trees.

The focus of this venue, like many others, is a beautiful vintage looking barn. This barn is very large and can be set up to serve food and they also have a full bar inside, which is great. The barn could also be set up as a dance floor if you so choose. The down fall of the barn is that there are some giant heaters hanging from the ceiling that are a bit of an eye sore when it comes to taking pictures. Your photographer can always choose to edit these out but they are pretty ugly, dusty, and grungy. I am sure they are very appreciate in the winter though when everyone is cold, they probably don’t look so ugly when they are the only thing providing heat for you. The area just outside of the barn is a perfect place to set up your reception dinner. There is even a platform that the head table can sit at which is perfect for announcing the bridal party into the reception.

The wedding parties identities have been protected as requested by Chelsea Marie Photography.

The wedding parties identities have been protected as requested by Chelsea Marie Photography.

The grounds are very well taken care of and the added flowers and lights of a wedding set this location apart from others. The real benefit of this location is not only the beautiful intimate atmosphere but an excellent restaurant to cater food and bar tends for you. That’s right, you don’t have to worry about finding a caterer for your event at the Loading Chute they will set up a buffet for you and your guests in the barn.

Due to the fact that this venue is small there is limited space and opportunity for a lot of different photographs but your photographer does have options. The wooden doors and barrels in front the restaurant is a great place to take pictures as well as in the field behind the parking lot. It can be a tight squeeze for large group and family picture but the lawn area will work. The right photographer will still produce amazing pictures with the limited space. You could always choose to take your “bride and groom” photos after your wedding at a special location outside of your venue. There are so many possibilities for getting the perfect photos for you!

This venue does not have a location for the bride and groom to get ready so make sure you have a great location prior to the ceremony so your photographer can take beautiful pictures of the wedding party getting ready. “Getting ready photos” are an important part of the day, you want to choose a nice hotel or salon that will provide you with great pictures. This is an intimate time of preparing for your special day with the people you are closest to in life. Take time to think about how you would like those photos taken and what the atmosphere around you should look like.

What’s the bottom line.

· A beautiful location for a smaller intimate wedding

· An amazing barn as the center piece

· A team of caterers and bar tenders included with your venue

· A number of possibilities for setting up your wedding

Plenty of shade for a cool summer wedding
· This is a smaller location so pictures are much harder to get and you have the possibility of guests getting in your way

· It is a good distance from Paso Robles so if you live there or are staying there it going to take around 30 min to get out there

There is no place for the wedding party to get ready
Limited space for large group pictures
Patchy lighting under all the trees for the ceremony
All in all the Loading Chute is a great venue for your wedding. It’s beautiful and has a great deal of advantages you just want to make sure it has everything you want.

Paso Robles Photography gives this venue a 4 star rating!

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